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Haa Bazar, Haa Bhutan.



The Gakiling gewog falls to the South of the Haa Dzongkhag, which is parted by Tergola (Door to hidden treasure), and Selala pass. The gewog is encompassed with total area of 192.22 Sq.Km and population little over 1100(1124 appro) with an altitude ranging from 1000-2750 meters above sea level. The vegetation ranges from broad-leafed forest and mixed coniferous towards north. The gewog is administratively divided into five Demkhongs namely:
1. Dorithasa_Kowkha_Yangtsena Demkhong
2. Sertena_Fentena Demkhong
3. Rangtse_Yowkha_Tagna Demkhong
4. Ngatsena_Dremeakha_Phootsena Demkhong
5. Thangdokha Demkhong

Among the five demkhongs, Sertena_Fentena Demkhong is the furthest from gewog center with a three official days on foot. The gewog is comprised of 19 villages with 212 households and the gewog shares border with Dumtoe and Denchukha gewog under Samtse Dzongkhag in the south and Sangbaykha and Samar gewog in the north. The most of the population depends on livestock rearing for their livelihood and cardamom as their sources of cash income.

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