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Haa Bazar, Haa Bhutan.



Located at an altitude of 2850 to 3100 above sea level about 1 km from the main town, Haa Dzongkhag, Kartsho Gewog administration caters its services to five Chiwogs namely Wangtsa, Bali(Bali & Mombitshokha), Yatam(Yatam & Kargoen), Ingo(Ingo & Pharakha), and Kajana-Drading(Kajana, Gangkha, Naktshang and Namchu). The gewog comprises of 231 households and 1435 population. It’s also one of the smallest gewog among six gewogs of Haa, with an area of 42.8sq.kms.

People of these Chiwogs largely depend their livelihoods on dairy products of their cattle and yaks. The nomadic culture, migrating to higher altitude during summer and descending to lower altitude during winter, is still widely being practiced today. Thus, raising of livestock is inevitable and soul to the people of Katsho Gewog. They also cultivate barley, buckwheat and Wheat but Apple, Potatoes, Peas and other vegetables are presently the main cash crops grown for both cash income and personal consumption.

The general public of Kartsho gewog is also privileged to have public services such as education, health and RNR extension services. They have easy excess to all the public facilities both from the gewog and the Dzongkhag. In addition, the gewog has Six Lhakhangs/Goenpas namely Wangtsa Lhakhang, Bali Lhakhang, Katsho Goenpa, Lungkha Lhakhang, Jung nay Drag and Dradhing Lhakhang. The main festival of the gewog is the Chungdu Sulkha popularly known as Chundu B’day and Lomba.

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