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Haa Bazar, Haa Bhutan.

Message from Dzongdag

With the advent of Internet facilities in the country from 1998, Bhutan has embraced the Information Communications Technology (ICT) revolution wholeheartedly for good governance to realize the goals of Gross National Happiness.
ICT has now become one of the main tools for good governance in providing information and services speedily to the people at large and especially at the grassroots level.More importantly, I feel that it is about time that we use this medium more professionally rather than being used for mere entertainment, wasting our valuable time uselessly.
Haa Dzongkhag, like all the other Dzongkhags, is connected through DLAN (Dzongkhag LAN) in allthe sectors and community Centres (CCs) except for Gakiling and Sangbaykha, with internet connectivity through optic fiber.
We hope that through our website, the information provided will be useful to those in need at the grassroots, national and international level.
I conclude here with the following quote:
“The explosive development of information and communications technologies (ICT) and their application are changing the way people live, learn,work and interact. Enhanced access to information and knowledge is rapidly becoming a potent tool for individual and communities everywhere in their quest for new opportunities. for dignity and for a better life”

Dasho Kinzang