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Haa Bazar, Haa Bhutan.

Statistical Unit



Sonam Wangchuk


Mandates for Dzongkhag Statistical Officers

  • Collect data and update them at regular intervals in the Dzongkhags and maintain a comprehensive Dzongkhag statistical database.
  • Compile and produce reports and publication of “Dzongkhag Statistical Profile”.
  • In collaboration with the NSB to coordinate and control statistical activities at the Dzongkhag and Gewog levels.
  • Focal point for dissemination of Dzongkhag/Gewog level information.
  • Coordination, Collection and Compilation of primary data collection in Dzongkhags.
  • Prepare statistical work plan and budget for statistical activities in Dzongkhags and Gewogs.
  • Validate, assure sound definitions, concepts and classifications for statistical surveys and data collection.
  • Coordinate with the Dzongkhag Sector Officials in generating information.
  • Provide technical assistance to Dzongkhag Sectors and Gewogs.
  • Ensure timely collection of data at the Dzongkhag level.
  • To ensure availability of timely, relevant and reliable data/information at the Dzongkhag level [APA 2016-2017, signed between HPM & Dasho Dzongdag]