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Haa Bazar, Haa Bhutan.



Gewog at a glance
Population (persons)
Total population 2,306
No. of Households 230 HH
No. of Chewogs 6 chewogs of 6 tshogpas
Government/private institutions BHU/ORC 1 BHU, 1 Sub health post & 4 ORC
RNR centre 1 RNR centre (Livestock, agriculture and forestry Extension centre)
Schools and institutes
1Primary school and
2 Extended class rooms.
Non formal education 3NFE
No. of households with electricity supply all chewogs electrified
Mobile service coverage All chewogs have mobile service coverage
road networks No road connectivity to all chewogs
Economic Activities
Main products/crops Cardamom

1.Area and location
Sangbaykha Gewog located south of the Dzongkhag Administration and it is a half day drive and another full day walk from the Dzongkhag. The Gewog has an area of about 432.8 Sq.Km approximately with 6 Chiwogs (Shaba Shabjee, Sangbay Ama, Nakha, Yaba, Bebji and Mochu) consisting of 12 villages and 230 registered household with the population of 2306. The Chiwogs are geographically scattered and not connected to farm roads. However, the Haa-Samtse National highway which is under construction is expected to benefit some of the villages in the Gewog. The altitude of Sangbay Gewog ranges from 1400m to 2100m above the sea level. The climatic condition of Sangbay Gewog varies from warm in summer with heavy rainfall and hailstorms and cold dry in winter. It is surrounded by Sama geog in the Northeast and Gakiling Gewog in the South. The Gewog has 100% coverage of telecommunication by both B mobile and T cell. All the settlements are electrified. The Gewog has one Primary School, 1 extended classroom (ECR), 1 basic health unit, 1 health sub post, 4 outreach clinics and 3 non formal education centers taking initiatives to assure basic wholesome education to the community.

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