World Tourism Day

Wed, 27 September 2023

The Haa Visitor Information & Incubation Center (HVIIC) was launched by the Director General of the Department of Tourism today coinciding with the World Tourism Day. The World Tourism Day was observed in Haa for the first-time symbolizing tourism development in the Dzongkhag. The Day was themed as 'Tourism & Green Investment'.

The Department of Tourism and the Dzongkhag Administration are also conducting a two-week training to a group of 25 youth on basic entrepreneurship. The training is aimed at equipping the youth with business skills, thereby giving them the employment and networking opportunities. The training will end on 2 Oct 2023.

The management of the HVIIC was also handed over to the youth group called 'Haa Tourism Group' (HTG) today with proper operational guidelines signed between the Group and the Dzongkhag Administration.

The event was attended by Dzongkhag and regional officials, Local Government members, youth groups, local business representatives, trainers and officials from the Department of Tourism. The Helvetas Swiss Inter-corporation has provided the financial support.